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Gynae issue – Vaginal Water discharge Everything you need to know

Gynae issue - Vaginal Water discharge Everything you need to know

Vaginal water discharge is a clear substance produced by the cervix. It keeps the vaginal passage moist and free from bacteria. It is clear, white and odourless. It is produced by the glands inside the cervix (neck of the womb)
Periodic variations are seen in the vaginal discharge, which is normal. There can be a change in the consistency. Near ovulation, vaginal discharge becomes thicker in consistency.

What is abnormal Vaginal Water discharge?

Some changes occur in vaginal discharge due to infection or hormonal imbalances where the colour, consistency and odour are changed. Abnormal discharge can be:

1. Thick and white

2. Gray or yellow with a fishy odour

3. Yellow or greenish with a bad odour

4. Bloodstained or brown

What causes the abnormal discharge?

Bacterial InfectionBacterial Vaginosis is a commonly occurring bacterial infection in the vagina. Bacterias occur naturally in the vaginal canal. They are part of vaginal flora. Periods, sex and soaps are the causative agents for bacterial growth. When the bacteria are in number, they cause itching, burning and swelling of the vulva. Vaginal discharge is yellowish and thin in consistency with a strong fishy odour. Periods, sex and soaps are the causative agents for bacterial growth. However, it is not sexually transmitted.

Yeast infection: Occurs due to overgrowth of the fungus. Vaginal discharge is white and thick in consistency. Severe itching and pain during sex occur. Swelling is also seen around the vulva. The likelihood of yeast infection increases during pregnancy, antibiotic therapy or improper hygiene.
Yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge is seen in a condition called Trichomoniasis. It occurs due to unprotected sex and can be transmitted sexually.

Bloodstained or brown discharge is seen in irregular menstrual cycles or can also be seen in endometrial cancer. Vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps are also present.
Vaginal discharge is absent in girls before puberty. If the girl complains of vaginal discharge, it can be due to infection in the vulva.

The other conditions that can cause vaginal discharge are:

1. Oral contraceptive pills

2. Diabetes

3. Menopause

4. Douching, scented lotions or soaps.

5. Sexually transmitted infections

How can it be prevented?

Here are a few points that can help you maintain your vagina’s health and hygiene:

1. Never use any soap directly on the vagina. Regular soap damages the protective flora. Always invest in a good intimate wash that maintains the pH level.

2. Avoid any scented spray or lotion on the vaginal area.

3. Avoid wearing jeans or leggings that are too tight around that area.

4. Always use fresh tissues from front to back after peeing.

5. Avoid using scrubs and sponges in the vaginal area.

6. Always clean the area before and after intercourse.

7. Maintain proper menstrual hygiene. Change the sanitary pads at regular intervals.

What is the treatment for abnormal vaginal discharge?

The normal vaginal discharge does not require any treatment. Abnormal vaginal discharge can be treated by treating the root cause.
Mild cases can be treated by the application of anti-fungal ointment and washes. Oral antibiotics and probiotics can treat bacterial vaginosis.
Dr Amita Shah is the best gynaecologist in Gurgaon for advising treatment on potentially awkward topics like vaginal discharge. These infections can reoccur after a certain time. It is best to consult an expert every single time.

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Ankush Gaur
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Geeta Upadhyay
I would highly recommend Dr Amita Shah to anyone in need of a gynaecologist. She is incredibly professional and always takes care of her patients. I have never had an issue with her and she has always been very responsive to my needs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a gynaecologist!
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Sandeep Ranga
I had been suffering from severe pain and heavy bleeding for so many years.My ultrasound showed a large cyst in the uterus .All doctors had advised open surgery but Dr Amita Shah advised Laparoscopic surgery.Surgery was very smooth,I had no pain and my recovery was very fast.I am very thankful to Dr Amita Shah.She is a very skilled surgeon and very polite and gentle with her patients.Highly recommended for Laparoscopic surgery.
I have made all the pregnancy visits to Dr. Amita Shah, and my end-to-end experience with her has been wonderful. I was someone who was absolutely terrified of needles, but with Dr. Amita Shah's constant guidance and good consultation, I could overcome a lot of my stress and worries related to delivery as well as during the pregnancy phase. Both the doctor and her clinic staff are helpful and amiable. She was all ears when it came to even the tiniest of details and issues, listened calmly and resolved all my issues. She was also constantly available via phone and WhatsApp to clear any doubts that popped up in my head in addition to the in-clinic visits where she eased my mind and resolved plenty of my concerns. At the time of my delivery, she offered complete mental support and her presence itself offered calmness to me. I highly recommend Dr. Amita Shah for her professionalism, empathy and supportive attitude. By God's grace, we are blessed with a baby girl in December, and I have been on the path to a smooth and fast recovery since then.
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monika agarwal
My end to end experience with Dr. Amita Shah has been very amazing. I found her trustworthy in the very first visit. The medications very limited and She handled the emergency of water break very diligently and ensured safe delivery of my baby. She is calm, positive and considerate and will make your pregnancy journey beautifuI with no stress. I highly recommend Dr Amita Shah.
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M Grewal
I have been visiting Dr Amita for 11 years now. She has helped deliver my kids and then for few other concerns. She is very kind, empathetic, and very gentle. She understands and a great listener. Trust her completely.
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Zoya Khan
I consulted Dr Amita for my Scar Endometriosis, she not only understood my problem but at the same time explained the entire ailment in detail. She assisted me at every step, her calm demeanour and patience made it very comfortable for me. The best part was she was so approachable although the process. I became a fan of her the way she did my dressings, removed my drain pipe with no pain extremely softly, she has magic in her hands .The best gynaecologist I have ever met. God Bless her always. Thank you so much.
Suchismita Adhikari
Suchismita Adhikari
Our experience with Dr Amita mam and her clinical expertise has been fabulous. Her staff, Ms Komal and Ms. Ashu are very kind and cooperative. Dr. Amita operated on my mother with such finnese. Explained each and every step in detail. She is a very good gynaecologist. Happy we found her to treat my mom.