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PCOS/PCOD Treatment

Common symptoms of PCOS are

  • irregular periods,
  • heavy bleeding during periods,
  • facial and body hair growth,
  • acne,
  • weight gain,
  • baldness, dark skin patches, and headaches.

If you suffer from any or a combination of these symptoms, you should see a gynecologist immediately to get the best PCOS treatment in Gurgaon.

The best treatment for PCOS lies not in medicines but in lifestyle modification. One of the best ways to deal with PCOS is to eat well and exercise regularly.

If the lifestyle modification does not help, you can book an appointment with Dr. Amita Shah.

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Cost of PCOS Treatment in Gurgaon

Dr. Amita Shah’s Global Women’s Clinic provides holistic treatment for PCOD, including the services of Gynaecologists, Dieticians, and Physical Therapists.She and her team have tremendous experience treating all kinds of female hormonal disorders, especially PCOD.

After consultation with the doctor, you may be required to do an ultrasound scan and some blood tests. These things would cost you Rs. 8000 – 15000. Once the test results are available, and you are diagnosed with PCOD, the treatment begins. Since the treatment lies mostly in diet and exercise; therefore, cheap. The average cost per month would be around Rs. 100 – 250. Very few females would require ovarian drilling, which would cost Rs. 45000 – 60000.

If PCOD has not been treated in time, the cost of treatments like IVF, Diabetes, or Heart Disease can run into Lacs of Rupees causing huge financial and physical stress for the patient and the family. When you see any of the symptoms mentioned above of PCOD, you should consult a gynecologist.


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