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Ante Natal Care

Dr Amita Shah has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She has been the head of department at Columbia Asia Hospital for the last 12 years. At present she heads the department of OBGYN department at Apollo Cradle Hospital, Sector-14 and Miracles Mediclinic, Sector-56.

During the 9 months of the pregnancy you would require very high level of personalized care to ensure that the baby growing inside your womb is free of all complications. Your gynaecologist would ensure that the health of both the mother and the baby is fine during these nine months. This is done by regularly testing the blood parameters of the pregnant mother and prescribing medications and supplements to cover the deficiencies. Ultrasound scans are done to observe the growth of the foetus which includes a Level 2 ultrasound scan to rule out any congenital abnormalities in the baby.

Dr Amita Shah can also be consulted at her Clinic in Palam Vihar area of Gurgaon by prior appointment. At her clinic you would get all the facilities like Blood and Urine Tests, Ultrasound and Colour Doppler, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy for ante natal and post natal exercises. Even if you are not planning to have your delivery in the NCR region, you can still get the ante natal care with Dr. Amita Shah. Once you are planning to leave for your home town for delivery, your entire file with a summary of the ante natal care would be given to you. This would be useful for the gynaecologist at the hospital where you would go for the delivery of your baby. After your delivery once you return to the NCR Region you can continue the post natal care with Dr. Amita Shah.

Ante Natal Package

Most of the hospitals offer you an Ante Natal Package which includes the following :

  • 6-8 Consults with the Gynaecologist
  • Blood and Urine Tests
  • Ultrasound Scans

You must understand the nitty gritty of the tests which are required during the pregnancy. The blood tests include CBC which is done to know the value of blood components specially the haemoglobin levels. If the haemoglobin is low then the gynaecologist will prescribe you medicines to increase the levels. Thyroid test and Blood Glucose tests are done to determine the health of the mother. Viral markers like Hepatitis, HIV, VDRL are done to make sure that the mother is free of all infectious diseases which can pass on to the unborn baby.

An ultrasound scan is done during the first trimester to see the viability of the foetus. The ultrasound exam which is done around 14-16 weeks is the most important one and is called Level 2 Scan which is done to rule out any congenital abnormalities in the foetus. If the foetus has some major congenital abnormalities then you can get the pregnancy aborted before the 20th week which is the legal provision in India under the PNDT Act. In the third trimester some more blood tests are done to keep an eye on the haemoglobin levels, iron levels and thyroid levels. A colour doppler exam is done around the 30th week to see the loops of umbilical cord around the neck of the foetus and also to see the position of the baby. Ideally the baby should be positioned with its head downwards to ensure normal delivery. During all these ultrasound scans the heart rate and body weight of the baby is estimated. A healthy baby should weigh in the range of 2.5 – 3 kg just before the due date of delivery.

Cost of Antenatal Care

The cost of the blood and urine tests, ultrasound scans – Level 1 and Level 2, Colour Doppler Test and the Gynaecological Consults would be in the range of 25-30 thousand rupees. Many hospitals have packages where you can get a discount of 10-15 thousand rupees when you opt for the package. The cost of medicines and supplements during the entire 9 month period of the pregnancy would be in the range of 5-8 thousand rupees.

The cost of delivery can range between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 depending upon the hospitals and the facilities opted within those hospitals. If proper ante-natal care is not given and the baby is born prematurely then the cost associated with the care of the premature birth runs into lacs of rupees and such babies tend to remain quite sick for a very long period of time. Similarly if any congenital anomaly is missed during the antenatal period then the cost and mental trauma associated with such child is enormous for the parents.

Similarly if the health of the mother is not monitored properly and timely intervention is not done then the repercussions could be quite severe in terms of money and mental agony at the time of delivery. Serious risk to the health of the mother and the baby can happen due to any kind of negligence during the ante natal period. The packages given by most of the hospitals for the ante natal care are defined in terms of the number and the type of tests and the consultations with the gynaecologist. Any test which is not a part of the package or consultation with any other doctor would be charged extra. Spending appropriately during the ante natal period goes a long way in prevented undesirable expenses on the health of the mother in the years to come.